Choc Milk!

A beautiful recipe from a beautiful friend of mine! I encourage you to check out her site at and enjoy this delicious Choc Milk whilst you do so!

5 Minute Miracles

The worlds easiest and most delicious dairy free milk!

Chocolate cocktail

Here I am, 6 years old, standing in the school line with 70c in my sweaty left palm and my heart is beating with excitement. It’s Casual Friday and today mum has given me an open ticket to purchase choc milk from the school canteen! Now this might not sound like the greatest gift on earth, but to me it was. I moved up the line slowly, considering the cold milky substance and how it was going to feel hitting my sugar craved lips.

As I open the carton and glug the contents of the packaged good, my tastebuds do cartwheels and I now have energy to burn. There was really nothing quite like it.

Of course, as I grew older, learned about health, studied nutrition, the process of food production and its effects on our biochemistry…

I decided not to purchase…

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I'm an animal loving soul with a passion for creating more compassion in the world, both towards ourselves and all sentient beings :)
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