Fig-ing Delicious Raw Cashew Cream

Fig-ing Delicious Cashew Cream

Fig-ing Delicious Raw Cashew Cream

This is a ‘figged’ up variation of the traditional cashew cream recipe I posted earlier this year. The figs and banana give it a delicious ‘caramel-ly’ twist- which also happens to be healthy for you-yay licence to eat more! I’ve used this in place of cream and it is delicious on it’s own, or as a super yummy ‘garnish’. You can even impress your family and friends with it- and they won’t even suspect it’s vegan 😉



Food Processor



5-6 Dried Figs

4 Tablespoons of water

1 ½ Tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 cup of raw cashews, soaked in water for 4-6 hours

¼ – ½ cup of water for blending

1-2 Tablespoons of sweetener (I use Maple Syrup and light Agave)

¼ teaspoon Natural Vanilla Extract

½ ripe banana



  1. Drain Cashews and rinse with water.

  2. Meanwhile, place the figs, lemon juice and 4 Tablespoons of water in the food processor and blend until they become a thick paste

  3. Remove these from the food processor and replace with the soaked cashews. Process.

  4. Slowly add the water, sweetener and vanilla essence and process until you get a consistency that you like (some like it thicker, some like it thin!)

  5. Add the fig paste, along with the ripe banana and process until you get a lovely creamy consistency.

  6. Enjoy this cream on it’s own, or put it on everything that you would normally add cream too (It also goes beautifully with orange cake).

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One Response to Fig-ing Delicious Raw Cashew Cream

  1. I know cashew cream is a vegan staple, but I’ve never made it before. The addition of figs makes it an even more tempting treat – I’ve got to try this soon! Celeste 🙂

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