I’ve always found it difficult to write about or describe myself to others, after all we are such complex creatures with a vast range of strengths and insecurities! I am (obviously) an animal lover and have been my entire life. I grew up as a single child and my animals were like my siblings, except far more accepting and unconditional! I remember scolding other kids in the play ground for frying ants with magnifying glasses; catching injured birds who had flown into the classroom and trying to rehabilitate (unsuccessfully!) baby mice whose mother had been killed by the neighbour’s cat.  The truth is, I found a considerable amount of solace, peace and acceptance with the animal kingdom. As a chronically shy and nervous child, animals were my friends and I loved them all dearly.

As I mentioned in my first post Rebirth , my beautiful mum was a big softie who not only showered me with  unconditional love as I grew up, but also showed kindness and compassion to all creatures great and small. Mum taught me strength and gentleness, respect and concern for all life. Always concerned for the underdog, mum taught me to advocate for those who were voiceless and vulnerable, eventually leading me to work as an occupational therapist for people with a range of abilities and disabilities.

When I lost my mum in 2007, life as I knew it changed forever. The grief and despair is beyond what words can describe and I entered a deep depression, sadness and longing; which I hope most people will never have to experience. There are some very special people that have been with me through those darkest hours, and I would especially like to thank Dad & Ann (you have been a constant support and helped me more than you will ever know), Tammy and Andrew for being there and continuing to be there today. There are some very special new friends and loved ones who have also enriched my life- nic, Marilena, Polly, Nik, Lisa, Sammy, Vanessa, Tyler, Trishy, Marissa, Ewok, Bella, Tisha, Kwan Jai, Mae Perm and Jokia- thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Part of my ongoing journey towards wholeness after losing mum has been re-aligning with my passion- to be of service to the animal kingdom in whatever way I can. This fills me with a love so deep that it begins to shine some light into the gaping hole that grief left behind. This blog is therefore dedicated to my mum, and to the millions of innocent animals around the world who suffer at the hand of man. May we all do what we can to create a kinder world for those we share this beautiful planet with.

7 Responses to About

  1. nic/ebb says:

    is that a chinese hairless dog in your pocket…?

  2. Trishy sharp says:

    I knew how much i loved your warmth , caring, and passion and fight for your believes dearest Fern. Your love and support for all aminals is greater than my words can explain … Thanku for being so very special . Your mum must be so proud of you … Remember the butterfly love . Trishy😘🐶🐨🐺🐰🐘🐑🐒

  3. piyushpujara says:

    Very Nice profile.. 🙂

  4. It’s a pleasure to e-meet you chica! Celeste 🙂

  5. Gator Woman says:

    How wonderful to meet you kindred spirit.
    We share much more than you know.

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