Aren’t Vegans a bit Extreme?!




1. reaching a high or the highest degree.

‘Oxford Dictionary’.

Many people adopting a vegan diet are labelled ‘Extreme’ or even radical. What you are about to read in the proceeding sections about your food however, blows the definition of ‘Extreme’ right out of the water (possibly even the stratosphere!). Most people don’t realise that factory farming is the number 1 cause of animal cruelty in Australia. These practices have been intentionally hidden from the general public’s sight and as a result, approximately 500 million animals are caged and incarcerated in factory farms across Australia each year. Whilst people who choose to follow a vegan diet are often viewed as extreme, the high degree of cruelty that exists behind our food would probably rival the sense of the word (did I mention Stratosphere?).

Below is a summary of the truth behind the food we eat, obtained from a variety of resources which I have included as references.  I have tried to keep this as concise as possible, however you will notice that this page is quite long- and that’s because there are so many issues to cover! This list of practices is not extensive, but will give you a brief overview.  If you find this information hard to believe, please do not take my word for it- do your own research! A great start is Animals Australia, a not-for profit charitable organisation which is Australia’s foremost national animal protection group.  More details can be found here, and I strongly encourage everyone to have a read. Factory farming is not only present in Australia however, and if my overseas friends are reading this blog, much (if not most) of this information will still apply. Click here for The Sad Truth Behind Your Food.


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