Eating Out

As Perth finally joins the 21st century, more and more vegan friendly cafes and restaurants are popping up. It’s now easier than ever to live compassionately and introduce new and delicious food to your family and friends.  Vegan4life- a Perth based blog – has a great compiled list of places you can eat out which you will find here. Here are a couple of other places I have eaten at and found to be vegan friendly:


San Churro’s Chocolateria:

  • The dark chocolate fondue is dairy free which you can have with fruit.  The Dark Couverture Hot chocolate with soy milk is also vegan.

Solomons Café (Mount Lawley):

  • Vegan friendly.

Aisuru Sushi (Northbridge):

Aisuru Sushi, Northbridge

Aisuru Sushi, Northbridge

  • Vegan friendly with a whole page on the menu dedicated to delicious vegan dishes.

Canning River Café (Kent Street Weir):

  • Vegan friendly.

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