Egg Substitutes

As consumers become aware of the ethical issues relating to egg laying systems, more and more are choosing to either cut down or remove eggs entirely from their diet. So what happens if you have a favorite baking recipe that uses eggs? The following information (courtesy of the Post Punk Kitchen ) may be of help to you:

Silken Tofu:

When whizzed thoroughly in a food processor or blender, silken tofu works well as a great egg substitute. It has no taste, and therefore won’t alter the gustatory pleasure of your favourite recipe! Isa recommends ¼ cup (approx 60gm) of blended silken tofu being equal to 1 egg. This rule works well though in some traditionally moist cakes, I have reduced this slightly. Silken tofu works well in cakes though if used in biscuit recipes, adding 1 teaspoon of corn flour per egg is recommended. Silken tofu is found in most supermarkets or Asian grocery stores.

Flax/ Linseed: 

Flax seeds have an earthy taste so they work well for whole grain recipes such as wholemeal cakes and muffins, oatmeal or granola creations.   2 ½  Tablespoons of finely ground flax seeds plus 3 Tablespoons water, replaces one egg. Beat the water in using a whisk or fork until they become gooey and gelatinous. Flax seeds can be found in many supermarkets and most health food stores.


Bananas are great as egg replacers and many banana cakes don’t use them because of their binding properties. ½ a banana blended until smooth or mashed well, is equal to one egg. Banana’s have quite a strong flavour so you may want to decide if a slight banana taste is compatible (i.e. it works great with chocolate based recipes because chocolate has an equally strong flavour).

Orgran Egg Replacer:

Egg replace

Orgran Egg Replacer is equivalent to 66 eggs, and is great to use when you are strapped for time. My Nan has vegan-ised all her lifelong recipes for me using this product and the outcome has been a delicious success every time. Available in the health isle of most supermarkets, it is economical and easy to use. Use it according to the package directions.

Soy/ Rice and Coconut Yoghurts:

Vegan based yogurts can be tricky to find though the larger supermarkets do have soy and coconut based products. Isa recommends that ¼ of a cup of yoghurt being equal to 1 egg. Yoghurts work similarly to whizzed tofu as an egg replacer, and is great in muffins and cakes.

Read on here for meat alternatives…


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