You Have the Power!

Image courtesy of Animals Australia

Image courtesy of Animals Australia

Making conscious choices guarantees a better life for suffering animals. We know from The Sad Truth about your Food  that approximately 500 million animals suffer in factory farms across Australia each year…. Imagine if everyone adopted a cruelty- free plant-based diet for just one day each week… 71.4 million animals could be spared suffering inexplicable acts of cruelty! 

Animals Australia is imagining a world without factory farming with their Make it Possible Campaign, which I strongly encourage you to watch here.  An end to animal cruelty can be lead and facilitated by you- you have great power as an informed consumer! And here’s the best part- it’s actually very easy to create powerful changes for the animals using simple (and delicious) substitutes for dairy, eggs and meat which you will find in the proceeding sections.

Some Good News Already:

According to Animals Australia, consumer research is now showing a notable shift in purchasing decisions with more people avoiding factory farmed products. Retailers are also responding by reducing the number of factory farmed products on their shelves and increasing the number of meat-free options- this is great news for animals and shows the real value of people power! So go on, take the pledge and start creating the change you want to see in this world.

Read on for cruelty-free dairy alternatives


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