Pantry Essentials

The great thing about following a plant based diet is all the fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and pulses that you eat and nourish your body with. Below is a list of some of the common items I have stored in my pantry (though there is a lot more junk food here than usual since I took these photographs just after Christmas!).  All of the food here is vegan and therefore, cruelty- free. Most of the time I will make my own meals from scratch and avoid commercially bought items, however I have included a list of common ‘every day’ vegan items that you can purchase and use to impress your family and friends with. For a full and comprehensive list of vegan groceries available, check out Veggieful, a fantastic website developed by 22 year old Madison, a passionate Australian woman dedicated to living the ‘vegan way’. This is a great site and I really encourage you to check it out.  Here you will find a huge list of vegan groceries available at both Coles and  Woolworths, along with heaps of amazing recipes to tempt you with!



  •  All Massell stocks are vegan- yes even the beef and chicken varieties! Campbell’s liquid Vegetable Stock is also vegan, and I frequently use this in soups.


Dairy Replacements:

Dairy alternatives

  • Milks:  All milks (Almond, Soy, Rice and Oats) from Pure Harvest, Vitasoy, Australia’s Own Organic and Sanitarium

  • Spreads: All Nuttelex spreads

  • Ice-cream: Sanitarium So Good – Chocolate Bliss/ Vanilla; Gelare Vegan Dark Chocolate/ Vegan Coconut (This stuff is amazing)

  • Cream Cheese: Tofutti

  • Chocolate:  Lindt Chocolate Blocks- 70% Cocoa and 85% Dark Chocolate;

  • Whittaker’s Dark Chocolate- (all of their dark chocolate range is vegan)

For further info, click here.

Items from Health Food Isle/ Store:


Meat Substitutes:

photo 2

  • Tempeh and TVP (What is this?!)

  • Falafels: Yummi Falafel Balls, Orgran and N.S.M Falafel Mix

  • Burgers: Tallyho Soy Burgers; Sanitarium Lentil Patties; Woolworths Macro Moroccan patties

  • Miscellaneous: Fry’s Meat Free Schnitzels, Nuggets, Pies, Sausages etc

Sauces/ Dressings/ Marinades:


  • Pasta Sauces: Latina Italian Tomato and Garlic; Raguletto: Bolognese, Venetian Onion Herbs and Spices, Napolitana. *Please note that most dried packet pasta is vegan

  • Mayonnaise: Praise fat free Mayonnaise

  • Marinades: Yackandandah Thai Satay; Blue Dragon Teriyaki Stir-fry Sauce; Old El Paso Enchilada sauce. Most soy sauces are vegan.


Herbs and Spices:

  • Most herbs and spices are fine, although some of the ‘pre-mixed’ seasonings (such as Masterfood’s Moroccan Seasoning) contain chicken powder, and some contain lactic acid. The closer to nature, the better so it’s always recommended to make your delicious mixes to avoid the unnecessary animal cruelty, and additives/ preservatives.


Pastry and Baking Items:

  • Pastry: Borg’s Short crust and Puff Pastry; Coles and Woolworths Puff Pastry,

  • Custard: Nurses Custard Powder

  • Cocoa Powder: Most cocoa powders are fine, just watch out for added milk powder

  • Flour: most flours are fine

  • Spreads: Vegemite, Kraft Peanut Butter range

Entertaining- Savoury:


  • Chips: Pringles, Smiths and Kettle Original chips; Grain Waves Original chips

  • Corn Chips: Mission Original/ Peppery Lime and Chilli Lime Corn chips (these are delicious)

  • Crackers: Arnotts Jatz; Arnotts BBQ shapes

  • Dips: Wattle Valley Pumpkin and Basil; Black Swan Hummus; Yummi’s Basil and Pine nut/ Harissa/ Spicy Pumpkin and Creamed Beetroot.


Entertaining Sweet:

Entertaining Sweet

  • Chocolate: Lindt Chocolate Blocks- 70% Cocoa and 85% Dark Chocolate; Whittaker’s Dark Chocolate- all of their dark chocolate range is vegan; Loving Earth Dark chocolates

  • Ice-cream: So Good Chocolate Bliss or Gelare Vegan Chocolate

  • Biscuits: Oreo’s original, Arnotts Nice/ Chocolate Ripple and Lemon Crisp; Leda range

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