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Let’s Do It For The Chics- In Honour of Amnesty

In Australia alone, there are 12 million hens cruelly confined in small cages less than the size of an A4 piece of paper (Read more in The Sad Truth Behind Your Food). Fortunately we have an amazing not-for-profit group ‘Animals Australia‘ who … Continue reading

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Photo Blog – What are your thoughts?!

Today’s blog entry is more reflective in nature. These are two (of the many!) photo’s that I have taken over the years, which I have put with some of my favourite quotes of all times. The first of a beautiful … Continue reading

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Cullin Barnett: Compassion’s Ultimate Test!

Compassion towards Barnett is by no means an easy challenge. It’s difficult to have empathy for a man whose idea of co-existence is to smile for the cameras whilst yielding baited hooks which are intended to kill living beings. Consequently, … Continue reading

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