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17 Vegan Hacks Every Vegan (Or Aspiring Vegan) Should Know!

I wish I could claim these tips as my own, as this is a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to adopt a more cruelty-free lifestyle in the choices they make! Written by Leonora Epstein at BuzzFeed, 17 Vegan Hacks Every … Continue reading

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Teriyaki Tempeh with Brown Sushi Rice

  This dish was originally made by Yuko, a Japanese student we had stay with us on exchange several years ago. It was traditionally made with chicken, but since we are going cruelty-free,  tempeh (What is this? ) makes a … Continue reading

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Let’s Do It For The Chics- In Honour of Amnesty

In Australia alone, there are 12 million hens cruelly confined in small cages less than the size of an A4 piece of paper (Read more in The Sad Truth Behind Your Food). Fortunately we have an amazing not-for-profit group ‘Animals Australia‘ who … Continue reading

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Armenian Lentil-Apricot Stew

This recipe is adapted from a fantastic book which I can’t recommend enough: ‘Big Vegan- More Than 350 Recipes: No Meat/ No Dairy, All Delicious’ by Robin Asbell. It’s a great resource for anyone who is wanting to start experimenting … Continue reading

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Almond ‘I can’t believe it’s not cheese’ Parmesan

So the one thing I miss most about being Vegan is….CHEESE! I have Italian in me and I’m sure cheese forms part of the essential amino acid make-up in our DNA. I remember piling parmesan and romano cheeses onto the … Continue reading

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Crunchy Quinoa Salad with Peas and Fresh Mint

Continuing with the ‘Quinoa as a Fashion Statement’ theme, I’ve added another one of my favourites – ‘Crunchy Quinoa Salad with Peas and Fresh Mint’ for you. This recipe is Mintox (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!) and has become one of my … Continue reading

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Photo Blog – What are your thoughts?!

Today’s blog entry is more reflective in nature. These are two (of the many!) photo’s that I have taken over the years, which I have put with some of my favourite quotes of all times. The first of a beautiful … Continue reading

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Vegan Chocolate Ganache

Vegan Chocolate Ganache   This decadent chocolate ganache is super easy to make compared to other recipes you may have used in the past. You can have it warm as a chocolate sauce, or refrigerate it for a thick velvety … Continue reading

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Kathy’s Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Cream Frosting

Whoever thought Vegan’s don’t get to indulge in all things chocolate- were wrong! This recipe is completely dairy-free and therefore cruelty-free. A dear friend Kathy bought around this chocolate cake (which she makes without measurements- just a keen eye) and … Continue reading

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Cooking With Compassion

On Saturday I ran my very first ‘compassionate cooking’ class and had the privilege of meeting 10 (well 9 since one was unwell) beautiful people who had gathered together for a variety of health and personal reasons – united  in … Continue reading

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