Dairy Alternatives

Dairy alternatives

Cutting down your dairy, or going dairy free altogether helps stop the cycle of abuse for gentle cows and their vulnerable calves. If your thinking that this is more trouble than it’s worth, click here for a heartening video to see joyous dairy cows running and jumping happily after being saved from slaughter at a dairy farm!

There are many delicious calcium rich alternatives to dairy. For a  list of non-dairy products, check out Vegan4Life ,-a fantastic local blog written by another passionate vegan and animal lover;  or Animals Australia for their dairy-free shopping list.

In a ‘nut-shell’ (excuse the pun), you can substitute milk for store bought almond/ rice/ oat or soy milk. Alternatively, it’s easy to whip up your own homemade almond milk, which is high in protein and a range of vitamins and minerals including E (an excellent anti-oxidant), magnesium, zinc, selenium and iron.

Co-founder of Chocoholic’s Anonymous? No problem, the following chocolates are cruelty free (and are delicious on their own and in cooking), and are easily found in your supermarket:

  • Lindt Chocolate Blocks- 70% Cocoa and 85% Dark Chocolate;

  • Whittaker’s Dark Chocolate (available at Woolworths and Big W)- all of their dark chocolate range is vegan.

  • Loving Earth Dark Chocolates and chocolate spreads (available from health food stores)

  • Cadbury’s drinking chocolate

If you’re craving cream, it can easily be substituted for coconut cream or homemade cashew cream (stay tuned for recipes); whilst cream cheese is easily replaced with Tofutti- which has a very similar texture and taste. For those who like butter or margarine, replacing this with Nuttelex (found in most supermarkets) works well, or better yet, use fresh avocado or hummus for a healthier alternative.

Click here for Cruelty free egg substitutes

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