Meat Alternatives


There are many meat alternatives to satisfy even the hungriest meat eater! A complete list of products can be found here,  but below is a short –list of the two products which I use the most:


Tempeh is a fantastic meat alternative which is incredibly healthy for you. It’s made from cooked and cultured soy beans, which are then formed into patties.  Tempeh’s fermentation process of whole soy beans gives it a high nutritional content of protein, dietary fibre and vitamins. In Perth, we are very lucky to be home to Tally Ho- an organic company that makes delicious tempeh in our own backyard (well not literally, but you get the point). They make a few marinated versions of tempeh, as well as a soy burger- which is to die for (and has surprised my meat eater friends!).

Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP)

TVP is high in protein and can be found in dehydrated form at most supermarkets and health food stores.  It’s easily used as a meat replacement and works well to replace ‘mince’ in meals such as  spaghetti bolognaise, taco’s , sausage rolls etc.

See Pantry Items for additional ‘meat replacement’ products.

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